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Murder Mystery Beta


We are happy to announce that we will be releasing a beta version of our Murder Mystery game mode that myself and others have worked on for the past month. This Murder Mystery game mode is going to have updates throughout time until the full release. We just wanted a new game mode to try to keep players more active and have a new fun game to play with your friends, it isn't any secret we are trying to boost the player base of the network and hopefully, this will help increase our player count.


Builder Requirements.
DorisHDabout 1 month ago

RazeEmpire Builder Application Requirements This guide has been written to ensure you meet all the requirements to become a builder on RazeEmpire, before applying,

Player Feedback.
DorisHD2 months ago
Hello everyone, Recently you might see that RazeEmpire has not been active as much as we hope. We want YOUR feedback so we can keep improving the network.

Hello Everyone,

We are resetting Skyblock after 8 months. The reset will include all islands reset and all items. (Everyone with ranks will keep their ranks!) The Reset will happen on The 24th Of August 4 PM GMT London Time


New Updates!

In the reset, they will be new features added to the server, Like minions, New crates, New Ranks and we are using a new skyblock plugin.  There are currently Two new crates and they are called

Raze Empire Builder Application Writing Guide and Requirements


Step 1: The Application Stage

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